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Spiral Training School Information

Diarmuid's fighting/training school, Spiral, is located in a building/warehouse near to the Police Station (either behind or beside, wherever there is space once the new maps are drawn up). Most of the building will be an open training area that can be used for all kinds of weapons/hand-to-hand defense training as well has having several smaller rooms for more specialized training, since he hopes to get someone with magical talents to train those who want training in that kind of fighting as well.

All of the usual training things like punching bags and the such will be there. In addition, there will be some odd features in the training area in the form of some hanging rings, several tall poles, and balance beams. It obvious someone has a bias for acrobatic fighting styles and it's showing.

In addition to the training areas, there will be some small rooms where teachers and students can crash for the night. The rooms aren't going to be anything fancy, but they are there. Each room will contain a bed, a desk, a dresser, and some shelves. More things can be added on request, but the rooms are pretty small so there is only so much space. Diarmuid will also be building a small loft up in the corner of the building to serve as his own 'living' space. Considering how much effort he's making to fix the school up so that it will be usable by any fighter who wants to use it no matter their skill level or chosen fighting style, it is as much his home as any place else ever will be.

Despite the fact that the school is meant to teach fighting, the atmosphere is very open and relaxed. There is a bathroom with tub/shower in the back, along with a small but well stocked kitchen. And, as if to reflect it's name, most of the decorations have some kind of Celtic spiral theme to them. The walls also have several posters on them that hold information about the other training areas in the city.

3 rooms for training classes, 8 rooms to be used for people to sleep/rest in, plus the main large training area.

People who have requested a room at the school for either full time or part time use:

  • FT-Afonso (And his dog.)
Note: After Yuna left the city, her duckling, Sir Auron, and her kitten, Lulu, remained at the school.  Celty's duck, Shizuo, also remained at the school when she left.
People who have expressed interest in teaching or being a student at the school:
  • Diarmuid (Spears, Swords, Shields, hand-to-hand etc.)
  • England (Ranged weapons, especially archery.)
  • Kakyoin
  • Vergil (Magic)
  • Lisa Lisa (Hamon, combat)

  • Afonso de Silva

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