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Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ([personal profile] oathshackledbird) wrote2013-12-03 03:02 am

Post-Animus Epilogue

In the end, the decision isn't what Diarmuid thought it would be.  Choosing between going with Waver or bringing his world back isn't easy.  Indeed, the choice is very similar to the one he had to make between Grainne and Fionn in the past.  Life repeating...it seems like he can't ever escape it.

Back then, he tired to be both loyal and honorable, but in the end, only his honor remained and perhaps not even that.  It is that failure that led him to make the wish that brought him back into the world to begin with and it is that wish that is fulfilled when he decides to go with Waver.  Loyalty first...honor will come later.

See, Diarmuid isn't just taking the life of his world and running with it.  He is borrowing it, guarding it, and cherishing it until he can find another way to restore his world.  That is his long term goal, but before that...he and Waver have a Grail to destroy.  Only once that is done and his vows are fulfilled will the next step in his life begin.

Finally, he is starting over.  Life has meaning and purpose of his own choosing.  His own choosing.  That is the important part.  Maybe he is wrong.  Maybe he will mess up, but it will all be by his choice and not the wishes of a master or a lord.

And it's not like he won't have forever to set things right.

Waver...won't, though.  Of course, the magus joked that maybe he would find a way to make himself immortal again, but there is no guarantee.  Diarmuid is used to no guarantees, though, so not too much about his plans will change--merely his traveling companions.

The first thing that will be done?  Dismantle the Grail.  It has been Waver and Diarmuid's goal ever since they met in the Tower.  They will have lots of help too, since Asagi and Cu Chulainn are also going along with them back to Waver's world.  After the Grail is destroyed, they are going to Ireland for a vacation if Diarmuid has to lock Waver in a trunk and carry him there...

Don't think he won't do it.

Once that is done, the real work for Diarmuid will begin and he will be helped by the door to the mini-Tower finally appearing to him.  He has been getting visits from his family and friends, but has been unable to travel himself.  Now, it will be easier for him to not only start looking for a way to fix his world, but also to gather the stories of the Tower and the other worlds and put them together so that nothing is forgotten.  He will also gather a copy of Romeo's hero book to add to his collection.  If he is going to try and teach other worlds about the danger this kind of experimentation brings, he will need all the information he can get.

He will only start traveling a lot once Waver either passes or finds the way to extend his life/become immortal again.  No matter exactly when this happens, finding the answers he seeks will take a long time even with Asagi, Cu Chulainn, and possible Waver there to help him.  Who knows what the final solution will be, but he won't give up until he finds it...

And if he helps another Tower find its freedom or meets another Zo along the way, it will be even better.

In the end, though, he will find what he is looking for.  He will fix his world and the worlds of anyone else who went home with another and wishes their world to live again.  Will he continue to live after that?  Well, that depends.  If Waver is with them, he likely will continue to spread the stories and the warnings for as long as he can.  He will make sure that whatever solution he finds allows for that.  However, if Waver isn't...well, Diarmuid may decide it is finally time to return to the Throne--his wish satisfied and his life complete.