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Eachdraidh Information Post

Character Name: Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)
Character Series: Fate/Zero
Cannon Point: The end of Episode 5, "Howl of the Mad Beast"

Headcanon Birthday: April 27th

Court: The Amber Congregation
Residence: Diarmuid's official home is in Lagertha's tower on the edge of Citrine Territory. His animals and the CNPCS attached to him live there as well. His also has a room in Hermione's Haven, a place in Leathann, and finally, he will have a room somewhere on his training/school grounds once a location for it is decided.

Tag: Lancer: Fate/Zero Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer): Fate/Zero

  • Gae Dearg
  • Gae Buidhe
  • His armor
  • His locket
  • A golden ring that shines when a fellow Seelie Amber is in immediate danger and allows Diarmuid to teleport to their side.
  • A golden cape signifying his status as a member of the Golden Cadre Amber Knight. It has been enchanted to allow anyone wearing it (not just Diarmuid) to have one hour of invisibility a day. (From February's boon.)
  • A bronze cloak pin modeled after his spears. The pin was made by the Aelfengard elves he helped train after fighting at Cothromach and matches those the elves in that group now wear.
  • Several oil paintings of Grainne and the children. This was Grainne's boon, but they were too lifelike for her to bear at the time so she sent them to him instead.
  • A magic ring that allows him to summon and control fire. (He will need to practice with it a lot to get it to work well.)
  • This necklace which was a gift from Merida. It will be enchanted by Rin to allow him to contact the Seelie/Unseelie during the timeskip.
  • A simple red metal ring that Alyosha gave him that allows him to teleport pretty much anywhere. He can only teleport himself, though.
  • A hungry male Bandersnatch cub who he named Oscar.
  • A new set of armor made for him by Grainne. It looks much like his armor from the past did.
  • A small silver and green cloak pin shaped like a shield Lady Sansa. It will guarantee him good care, accommodations, and friendship whenever he is in Cothromach.
  • This scarf from Merida.
  • A small knitted practice piece made by Druime (from Grainne).
  • A magical compass from Rin.
  • A modern suit bought for him at the Station (from Grainne).
  • A warn, dark green cloak he bought for himself.
  • An injured goshawk found by Grainne and brought to him to take care of while it recovers. Because he plans on releasing him back tot he wild, Diarmuid doesn't immediately name him. Once he decides he is going to keep him, Diarmuid ends up naming him Ogma.
  • A female bandersnatch cub found while out hunting them with Alice. Her name is Carroll (to match the name of the twin male who Alice keeps named Dodgson).
  • A chocobo egg that will eventually hatch into a male green chocobo he names Aengus. Aengus will very quickly develop a habit of taking anything shiny and giving it to Diarmuid as a gift.
  • As of Sept when Grainne leaves he will have 1.) her inactive shard, 2.) the pictures of the kids (see above) and 3.) this mirror. (Gone per rule change re: boons of dropped characters.) The rest of her things along with her raven go to Merida.
  • This picture. A Yule gift from Dorian Gray.
  • As a result of slaying the White Hart at Yule, he gets the title Hartslayer until the next hunt, 200 gold pieces, and a white cloak.
  • A dual sheath and a key with some healing magic in it. The key is a copy of the one to Grainne's cottage when he is ready to go. They are Yule presents from Merida. (The cottage would have revered to crown control after she dropped, per new rules.)
  • A canvas cloak and a silver brooch from Gilgamesh for Yule. The silver brooch has been enchanted by Hermione to allow it to access her communications network.
  • A pair of gloves from Berserker (J/H) for Yule.
  • A pair of boots from Waver for Yule (anon). The soles have been enchanted so that they will never wear thin.
  • A bottle of fine wine from Thrall for Yule. Also, some good wood for his carving.
  • A fine riding cloak with a warming charm sewn into it. There is also a carved charm pendant which acts as a fire ward. Both are gifts from Lancelot for Yule.
  • This sword as a Yule gift from Cullen.
  • A blank journal and a pen spelled to never run out of ink. Yule gift from Faolan.
  • This torc from Gilgamesh.
  • This earring from Gilgamesh, only in gold (during the Dullahan event).
  • Kayneth's pudgy messenger cocktail (when Kayneth is sent home). Gif here.
  • Info on how to make something like a mage's crest via magical gemstone (from Aly when she left).
  • As a result of the quest he sent Zack on in June, Diarmuid now has a second chocobo. This one is blue and female. He names it Caer.
  • A blood-magicked diary only he can open and incense to calm and provide nightmareless sleep. (Quest rewards from Flora.)
  • A communications mirror from Faolan. Inactive now that Faolan is gone from the game.
  • 5 marks from completing the Pool of Souls Quest. (50 gold coins)
  • a box of tea and a bottle of well-aged red wine (Thrall, Yule gift right before he went home)

Important Notes:
  • His love curse is still active in the city. However, it does not affect certain NPCs. His permission's post is here. Please post there with any questions etc.
  • The magic of the world will feel odd to him. Still useable, but odd.
  • Spirit Form, Gae Buidhe's & Gae Dearg's abilities, and summoning/unsummoning his weapons/armor will not work in any Throne Room.
  • Lost his right arm during the battle before the timeskip. Replaced by a silver arm from Aly ~ 6-9 right before she disappears.
  • Because of his bond with Alyosha, when he is highly emotional, he grows fangs and his eyes slit. Sometimes when he is low on energy, he will crave blood because he knows he can get energy from the blood. When his bond is broken with Aly, it will take a month for all the bleed over to fade. However, because of the silver curse, Diarmuid will be stuck with silver fangs. He will still crave blood as his preferred way to replace energy when he needs it, but it won't be cravings because of vampire nature. Instead, it will be from habit. The silver sickness also left him with this mark on his left shoulder blade.
  • He has very faint scars on his back from when Severine tore her way out of his lungs through his back.
  • Has a scarred bite mark on his right shoulder. Thanks Gil...
  • Without limit as to when or how long, Diarmuid now can turn into a hawk.
  • The Coming Dawn: A song of power learned from a set of ancient papers he got as a boon. All who hear it will be at peace, dramatically reduced of worry, stress, anxiety, and anger for up to a day.
Chocobo Information:

Aengus & Caer's first nest-August:
  • one yellow chick, male (given to Zack, quest reward, named Angeal)
  • one yellow chick (given to Steve as a quest reward, named Freedom?)
  • one yellow chick
  • one blue chick, female (gifted to Alice and the kiddos, named Momrath. When Dia goes to take the chick to her, he will find that she has been sent away. He will end up keeping the chick in memory and naming it the same.)
  • one green chick, female (Given to Zack as a gift for Cloud, named Borough.)
Communications Items:
  • His locket.
  • A compass made by Rin locked to Alyosha's network.
  • A necklace enchanted by Rin to allow communication between Seelie and Unseelie without using lockets. Mods retconed communication so this is not allowed. Changed to just accessing what smaller networks Rin has made. He will not be using it.
  • A brooch enchanted to allow communication to anyone on Hermione's network. Allows access to the Unseelie locket network?
  • A mirror that allows access to Faolan's network. Inactive now that he has left the game.

Death Log:

Death One: