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SoulGemmed Information Post

OOC Information

Player: Neko Sandy
Contact Information: [plurk.com profile] NekoSandy or PM [personal profile] oathshackledbird

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer)

Canonpoint: The end of Episode 16, "The End of Honor."
Age: Early to mid-20s (Apparent age) See app for full age explanation.
Wish: He wished those who were responsible/witnessed his betrayal and death could feel how he felt when it happened.
Result: He was given empathic abilities. 
Weapon: A red spear that looks just like his noble phantasm, Gae Dearg. He is also now able to summon a second spear that looks just like his noble phantasm, Gae Buidhe.
Companion: Mac an Chuill  Diarmuid's hunting and battle dog from the myths.  Mac an Chuill is the ancestor of today's modern wolfhounds and came from a line that was bred by Diarmuid's family for a very long time.  Very intelligent and loyal, the hound is larger than today's wolfhounds and has one bad habit Diarmuid has never been able to train him out much to his dismay: giving very slobbery kisses to everyone he meets.  While Mac an Chuill cannot sense Nightmarescapes, he is able to follow Diarmuid into them and fight familiars.  Regained here.
Outfit:  Here!


» POWER ONE (Passive) - Empathy.  Currently, Diarmuid has very little control over his empathy.  This is going to cause him to easily be influenced by the emotions around him, but also to possibly influence the emotions of those around him as well without meaning to.  When he starts learning more control, he will be able to track strong centers of emotion and also use his ability to influence emotions to help 'heal' the minds of those who are caught up in negative emotions like anger or despair.

» POWER TWO (Active) - Shield Summon.  Diarmuid is able to focus the strength of his emotions and form a shield out of them.  He can use this to protect himself and others, but the shield's strength will vary in direct correlation to his own emotions. If he is unsure, unfocused, or hesitant about his actions, the shield will be weak and he won't be able to protect many with it. If he feels strongly about what he is doing, is convinced he is doing the right thing, or extremely focused, the shield will be much stronger and will easily be able to protect others as well as himself. How far away from him the shield can be will also depend on his emotional state. If he is not focused or in control, he will not be able to protect a person right next to him, let alone a person across the room from him. However, if he is controlled and feeling very strongly about what he is doing, then distance will not matter. As long as he can see the person, he will be able to set a shield around them.  See power eight for an upgrade.

» POWER THREE (Active) - Stop Time. In exchange for burning out his ability to feel and sense emotion for the next 24 hours, Diarmuid can stop time for 5 seconds. (Future enhancements to the power may lengthen the duration of the ability or shorten the duration of the burn out.) While he is burned out, Diarmuid will not be able to use his shielding power since the shields are literally created from his emotions. However, he will also not be able to feel or sense emotion which may become dangerously attractive during times he is having difficulty controlling his empathy.  NOTE:  This power has been upgraded.  Please see POWER FIVE for the new details.

» POWER FOUR (Active) - Familiar Summon. Diarmuid's skill with forming his emotions  into a solid object becomes stronger and he gains the ability create a small animal he can send out like a familiar to give him a greater range when it comes to the distance he can sense emotions over. The familiar will be land bound to begin with and only the size of a small animal (think a pine marten). Later, the skill can be upgraded to allow for an airborne form.

The farther out of Diarmuid's normal sensing range the familiar gets, the more energy it will take to keep it manifest. Should the familiar get farther than a mile away from Diarmuid somehow, it will simply vanish. Any damage done to the familiar will also cause it to vanish. Should the familiar be purposely targeted or killed deliberately, the resulting feedback will cause Diarmuid a blinding headache.

While the power requires focus, at times when Diarmuid is unfocused, the creature will appear sitting on his shoulder or head.  Usually, this will happen during times of strong emotion, almost as if the creature is trying to let his owner know he needs to calm down.

Much like his shielding power, during times when he is emotionally burned out from using his time stop ability, this power will not be available for use.

» POWER FIVE (Passive) - Time Stop: Cost Reduction.  The cost for Diarmuid's Time Stop ability has been decreased.  While he still burns out his empathy when he uses the power, his emotions will remain (though, they will feel faint and distant).  The length of the burn out will also drop from 24 hours to 12 hours.  During those twelve hours, he will still be unable to use any abilities tied to his empathy (his shields or his familiar).

» POWER SIX (Weapon Upgrade) - Dual-Wield.  Diarmuid can now summon a second spear along with his original. Both spears are just normal weapons, though, with no special abilities as of right now.

» POWER SEVEN (Active) - Dagger Flight. Diarmuid can focus his emotional energy into five normal-sized daggers which can be thrown at his enemies. As they are formed from emotional energy, they will act more like minor magical spells than actual physical objects. The energy that makes up the daggers will be aligned to whatever element most closely matches his emotional state at the time. For example, anger/rage would equal fire. Sadness/sorrow would equal water and isolation or bitter, frigid anger would equal ice.

As with his other empathic abilities (shields, time stop, familiar), the daggers cannot be used in conjunction with any other skill. They will also be 'burned out' during his recovery period after using time stop. Finally, after making contact, the daggers do their damage and then dissipate. He can only summon more once all five are gone and the blades' elements cannot be mixed. Should his emotions at the time be too mixed, he will simply not be able to summon the daggers at all (much like how his shields do not work well when his emotions are not strongly one thing or the other).

EMPATHIC ABILITY LIMITATION (Global) - As long as Diarmuid sticks to just one of his empathic abilities, his soul gem will darken at a normal rate, however, the more often he switches between his different abilities, the faster his gem will darken.

» POWER EIGHT (Active) - Shield Summon Upgrade: Thinking Outside the Box.  No longer restricted to just a half circle of protection, Diarmuid's shields now lend themselves to more creative uses. Need to cross that floor covered in lava? They can be used as stepping stones. Need a couple of steps to get from one level to another? Sure thing. Have a friend falling to their doom in pit of spikes? Make a platform! (Not that the magi ever need to worry about those kinds of things in this city.)

While his shields have been strengthen so they can bear weight, they work best for the smaller magi among their group. People the size of Madoka or Bonnie he would be able to hold with ease, people closer to his own size would be a strain, while someone the size and weight of Garviel (complete with armor) would break right through the shield's surface. He can only catch, lift, etc one person at a time, and he cannot use this ability on himself. Should the shield be broken due to too much weight or some other outside force, Diarmuid will be hit with a splitting headache that will prevent him from being able to use his shields for several hours afterward.

Finally, as his shields are an empathic power, they are still bound by his empathic power restrictions (cannot be used after Time Stop and increased soul gem darkening when empathic abilities are rapidly switched between).

» POWER NINE - Not Earned Yet
» POWER TEN - Not Earned Yet


Fourth Wall:  Diarmuid knows very well that his life is the story of myth and legend, so people are free to recognize him from the myths of their world if they so wish.  If a character is from a modern time where they might know of Fate/Zero, they are also welcome to tell him he is actually from an anime, though he will not believe them.
Backtagging:  I will backtag forever, so no worries there.
Violence/Fighting/Death Etc:  If you are interested in any kind of serious, status quo changing interaction with Diarmuid, please don't be afraid to get in touch with me so we can plan.  I am open to almost everything!
Shipping:  When it comes to shipping, I tend to just let things go where they may.  If you feel your character's relationship with Diarmuid might be heading that way, please let me know and we can talk about it. 
Abilities:  Diarmuid has been granted empathic abilities by his wish.  They are going to be very out of control when he first arrives which means he may inadvertently influence the emotions of others and also have his emotions influenced by others.  Later, when he gains more control, he will be able to use his ability to influence emotions in healing ways.  If you do not want your character to ever be influenced by Diarmuid's empathy or if your character has mental protections/immunity to empathy for whatever reason, please opt out here!  Similarly, if there is a reason your character would not be affected by Diarmuid's Time Stop ability, please post there and let me know.  I will not use the power on/around a character unless I  have discussed it with their mun first.

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