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SoulGemmed Detailed Permissions Post

General Permissions:


1). Backtagging: Yes, I will backtag forever.
2). Threadhopping: Yes, just make sure the other person is okay with it too.
3). Fourthwalling:
4). Canon puncture:
Yes (Though, Lancer will probably tell you that you are insane--in the politest way possible.)
5). Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'm just fine with offensive topics as long as they are handled maturely and with the respect they deserve. Please note that since Lancer is such a noble and chivalrous knight, he is not going to react well to the news of anyone being victimized whether he knows them or not.

If you have any no-touch topics, please feel free to let me know before or while we are tagging.


1). Hugging this character:
Yes.  Diarmuid actually thrives on touch and is a very touchy person himself.
2). Kissing this character:  Please ask first.  One of the powers Diarmuid lost upon coming to the game was a curse that caused any woman who saw his face to fall in love with him.  As a result, when it comes to romantic gestures, they can make him very uneasy.
3). Flirting with this character: Yes.  As long as he is in a good mood, he will likely flirt back.  More serious flirting may make him uneasy or it may just cause him to be a derp.  It will really depend on his mood.
4). Fighting with this character: Yes! Lancer is always looking for a good, FAIR fight.  Even though he is only human now, he was first trained as a human so he will still be very skilled.  Just not as strong or fast.
5). Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, but please discuss anything beyond minor injuries with me beforehand.  Thanks!
6). Killing this character:  Not at the moment.
7). Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character:
Yes, but keep in mind that if it is without his knowledge or against his will, he will be very angry and will not likely trust your character ever again.  As he does now have empathic powers, he will also be much more likely to notice any mind reading attempts.

Specific Power Permissions:

Empathy:  As a result of his wish, Diarmuid has been granted empathy as a passive ability.  At first, he will have little control of this power meaning his own emotions will easily be influenced by others and he may accidentally influence the emotions of those around him.  As he gains more control, he will learn to use his powers to 'heal' others in emotional distress and track centers of strong emotion.  As an active power, Diarmuid will be able to use the strength of his emotions to form shields around himself or others.  However, these shields will only be as strong and steady as Diarmuid's emotions are.  If he is focused and believes strongly in what he is doing, the shield will be strong and he will be able to make shields farther away from himself.  If he is unfocused or doubts what he is doing, the shield will break easily and he will not be able to extend it very far at all.

Stop Time:  In exchange for burning out his ability to feel and sense emotion for the next 24 hours, Diarmuid can stop time for 5 seconds. (Future enhancements to the power may lengthen the duration of the ability or shorten the duration of the burn out.) While he is burned out, Diarmuid will not be able to use his shielding power since the shields are literally created from his emotions. However, he will also not be able to feel or sense emotion which may become dangerously attractive during times he is having difficulty controlling his empathy.

If your character has protections that will stop either ability from working on them or if you just don't want them to have those powers used on them, please post below and let me know.  I will not have Diarmuid attempt to manipulate a character's emotions without talking to their mun about it first.  I will also not use the time stop ability on/around a character without talking to their mun first.

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