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Ruby City Permissions Post

Specific Power Permission:

That Darned Spot: Lancer has a small mole under his right eye that is the physical manifestation of the curse he carries. Any woman who sees his face, falls in love with him. In the anime, while those with strong magical resistance usually can brush off the curse unless they wish to be under its influence, those with no magical talents have no ability to do so. This curse is one that Lancer has no control over, much to his displeasure.

In the city, the curse's power has be muted, but not completely nullified. It is much easier for women to brush off its effects unless they wish to be under its spell. If you are interested in your character developing some kind of crush on Lancer because of the curse, post below to let me know! Similarly, if you want to make sure that your character never becomes a victim of the curse, post below to opt out!

General Permissions:


1). Backtagging: Yes
2). Threadhopping: Yes, just make sure the other person is okay with it too.
3). Fourthwalling: Yes
4). Canon puncture: Yes (Though, Lancer will probably tell you that you are insane--in the politest way possible.)
5). Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'm just fine with offensive topics as long as they are handled maturely and with the respect they deserve. Please note that since Lancer is such a noble and chivalrous knight, he is not going to react well to the news of anyone being victimized whether he knows them or not.

If you have any no-touch topics, please feel free to let me know before or while we are tagging.


1). Hugging this character: Yes, though he will react badly especially if you are female. (That darn spot...)
2). Kissing this character: Yes, but see above.
3). Flirting with this character: Yes, again see above and prepare yourself for a dose of derpiness.
4). Fighting with this character: Yes! Lancer is always looking for a good, FAIR fight. Just keep in mind that while he looks human, he is much stronger, faster, and skilled than a normal human.
5). Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, again remember as a servant he is much stronger and skilled than a normal human so how badly you can hurt him will depend on how good you are. (Or if you are lucky... E-Ranked luck after all!)
6). Killing this character: Yes, though it is something we would have to plan out in advance.
7). Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, but keep in mind that if it is without his knowledge or against his will, he will be very angry and will not likely trust you ever again.

Weapon & Fighting Permissions:

Gae Dearg: Once unsealed, Gae Dearg's ability can pierce magical projections and enhancements by severing their ties to the energy that they need to keep themselves manifest. The effect is only temporary and lasts just as long as the spear's point is in contact with the object in question. The ability does have limits so characters with very strong powers might not be affected. If this ability is something you don't want used on your character (remember the effect is temporary, though sometimes even temporary is too long), let me know.

Gae Buidhe: When its special ability is released, Gae Buidhe deals wounds that cannot be healed by normal or magical means including regeneration. It does this, not by creating a literal wound that cannot heal as Gae Bolg does, but by altering a person's 'parameters' so to speak, so that they read as being at full health even when they are not. As a result, despite healing attempts, the person will remain injured because that injured state of being is their new 'full health.' The wound can only be fully healed if the spear is destroyed or if Diarmuid himself is killed.
  As of his canon update at the end of Oct, he has lost access to this as he destroyed it during battle.

Please note that because the spears are Diarmuid's Noble Phantasms, they can be summoned and unsummoned at will and only destroyed by his own hand.

The larger of the two swords that Diarmuid carried with him during his first life, Moralltach was regained via the Emporium near the beginning of Sept 2014. Moralltach is a very dangerous weapon that has its powers sealed at all times. The seal must be released by Diarmuid in order for the weapon's ability to be activated. He can do this verbally or mentally, but it will be obvious when it happens because Celtic runes will glow brightly along the blade. When its power is released, anything--living or not--that touches the blade even slightly will be instantaneously destroyed. A person will not just lose a limb if touched, they will lose their life. The blade was not known as 'the blade that ends all battles with one hit' for nothing.

Diarmuid knows full well how dangerous this blade is and will be very hesitant to release the seal on it under any circumstances.

The smaller of the two swords that Diarmuid carried with him during his first life, Beagalltach was also regained via the Emporium near the beginning of Sept 2014. Beagalltach's abilities are more general than its partner blade. It gives a boosts to the speed, strength, and agility of the person who is carrying it. This ability is always active as long as the blade is being carried on the person. (As soon as he retrieves the blades, Diarmuid will start wearing them as he did in the past, with Moralltach across his back and Beagalltach at his hip. See this picture for a reference as to how the belts for carrying them will look.)

Note: Neither of these swords are Noble Phantasms even though they are the blades Diarmuid would have had as weapons should he have been summoned as a Saber instead of a Lancer. These are the myth versions of those weapons. As a result, they cannot be summoned or unsummoned at will. Diarmuid also cannot call them back to himself should they be knocked away nor are they unbreakable. However, both were made by the gods and as such are very strong weapons. Beagalltach does have a history, though...

Eye of the Mind (True)
: This is a passive ability of his which gives him a much greater chance of winning or successfully escaping a battle because of all his battle experience. While this is something he can't control, if semi-bull escapes or tricky traps bother you, let me know and I'll try not to be too creative during a fight.
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[personal profile] trigram 2014-01-13 01:13 am (UTC)(link)
Sofia's suit grants her a lot of magic-resistance to effects and curses (I'd say equal to Saber class), so she wouldn't be affected by his spot. She'd still probably think he's got a lil sumthin'-sumthin' though (like his biceps and tight suit) XD

Both of his weapons would definitely be troublesome to Sofia, suit or not. Her only chance of winning against him is flying and spamming her missiles, but Servants are fast enough to avoid a direct hit from any of her weapon systems.
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[personal profile] trigram 2014-01-13 01:27 am (UTC)(link)
His chivalry would rub her cynical ass the wrong way, definitely. But not enough to be enemies, I'd say. They could just agree to disagree or occasionally comment on each other's opposite views.

Sparring is definitely open for Sofia! I have a post idea already where she's planning on practicing with other people in the city.
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[personal profile] anklegandr 2015-01-01 11:02 am (UTC)(link)

It just hit me today that Rin could fall under that curse (finally playing a character that is weak enough to be swayed by it OOPS).

I know he already has one little kid crushing on him so UNSURES. Is it cursed to be a romantic love or can it be swayed into something more familial/admirable?
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[personal profile] fearsnothing 2015-06-06 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
SUUUP (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

My girls:

Alice Liddell ([personal profile] fearsnothing) has no extraordinary magic defense in the game so I'm not against her finding him ODDLY INTRIGUING. As a note (or possible plotpoint or w/e), presently she's not completely in tune with the whole feelings thing especially now that she's trying to accept that someone she was close with is gone for good - so I guess it's likely that she might unintentionally project the memory of it and hat.. Is a hot mess, she'd probably fall for the curse without realising which is hilariously bad for her but shh. The thing is, Alice being well, Alice, it'd translate into sounding pretty flustered and confused more than anything else the moment she noticed herself acting just a little bit differently. Maybe not overly so, but probably enough for it to be kind of obvious that it's affecting her in the longer run, I suppose?

As for weapons: I'm not sure what Gae Dearg's effects would be on Alice besides her maybe being incapable of tapping into her dodge/float skills temporarily? I'm ok with that, if it works at all, though maybe it's best to keep her away from Gae Buidhe as well as Moralltach. Beagalltach as with his weapons in general would evidently cause her great grief in battle as would his passive ability, but you know what, I'm all game for anything besides the aforementioned exceptions.

Margaretha Sorin ([personal profile] magaleta) has her magic defense dialed up to 11 because of her canon background as a magic wielder/high priestess, so she can easily brush the curse off and probably hardly even notice it. Naturally she's just really friendly towards most people though, so there's that.

All of his weapons would probably be troublesome for her since she's not a strong physical fighter at all and relies on magical barriers and such to protect herself. If something comes up, I think I'd just opt her out of getting acquainted with Moralltach, though otherwise I'm not adverse to her getting hurt in battle or anything. It's happened in her home world, so it'd be an extra challenge and that can be interesting. Not that she intends to fight but still.
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[personal profile] phobophage 2015-06-06 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Deimonea is an ancient dream entity with tons of experience at psychological attacks and defending against them. So she's likely to notice the mole's effect and be annoyed rather than enamored by it.

Also, I don't know how your weapons would interact with an immaterial being. Gae Dearg and Moralltach seem like they could be trouble for Deimonea (Gae Dearg because Deimonea is essentially a psychic projection and Moralltach because of its instakill). Not that she's likely to come into conflict with Diarmuid, but still.
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[personal profile] phobophage 2015-06-07 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, sounds like this'll be fun. Misunderstandings go!

And, alright, I wasn't sure about the weapons since I don't know Fate canon, but duly noted!