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Animus Information Post

Character Name: Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)
Character Series: Fate Zero
Cannon Point: The end of Episode 16, "The End of Honor."

Headcanon Birthday: April 27th

Room Number: 4-16 2-16 (After Zo combined the rooms in March.)
Roommates: [OU] Ryoji Mochizuki
[OU] Miles Edgeworth
[AU3] Lancer

Collar Color: Violet
Check In Day: Saturday

Tag: [ou] lancer (zero)

Death Log:

Death One: Feb. 2 (Woke up on the 3rd.) Floor 80 (Circus Floor) /w ProtoLancer.
Death Two: Feb. 25 (Woke up on the 26th.) Mist of Insanity (Random Floor) /w ProtoLancer.
Death Three: April 16 (Woke up on the 17th.) Mauled by Cu Chulainn, finished off by Ryoji. (Waver also dies in the encounter.)
Death Four: April 19 (Woke up on the 20th.) Strangled/decapitated by Mami in his room.
Death Five: November 15th (Woke up on the 16th.) Died in the fight with Sephiroth on Floor 62. (Lost the scar on his face gotten from Gae Bolg.)
Death Six: December 16th (Woke up on the 17th.) Killed by one of Jason's 'Plague Doctors' in the stairwell near Floor 23. (Lost his cursed puppy dog ears and tail.)
Death Seven: January 15th (Woke up on the 16th.) Died protecting Nyx during the Big Bad's revenge plot. Seventh death repercussion here.

Note 1: Was cursed by the fairy rings with puppy ears and a tail on Nov 18th. Lost after his death on Dec 16th.
Note 2: His pet name for Waver, Mo Stór, roughly translates to 'my treasure.'
Note 3: Per the mods, no matter what restoration of powers/bodies the characters accomplish in game it can be assumed that his Love Spot continues to be limited. And the muse screams "YAY!"
Note 4: Because Waver volunteers to be in the first group of people to test the new collar fluid, Diarmuid will wait until the collar fluid is given out to the full Tower population in order to make sure he is able to protect him (and others in his circle who are being test subjects). As a result, he will not start getting his powers back until after the two test rounds of collar fluid changes. He will get the new fluid on Jan 18th and so will be completely powerless from Jan 18th to the 25th. After that he will slowly start regaining abilities and return to full power with real powers on Feb 22nd (provided he doesn't die and have to start over during that time). Rough power return timeline:

  • Week 1 (Jan 25th to Feb 1st): Ability to summon his armor returns.
  • Week 2 (Feb 2nd to Feb 8th): Enhanced senses return.
  • Week 3 (Feb 9th to Feb 15th): Full servant abilities return aside from speed/agility.
  • Week 4 (Feb 16th to Feb 22nd); Mid-week speed/agility finally return. Full powers return on the 22nd. That is when he will be able to summon Gae Dearg again and recontract with Waver.

Note 5: After the room shift in March, Waver is in Room 02-04 (with Lelouch, Samwise and Aleph).  His room is now empty besides him as all three of those people characters have been dropped.
Note 6: (Head canon) The name of the woman affected by his curse who killed herself in front of him when he wouldn't be with her is Iseult.
Note 7: The names of Diarmuid's children are here with the last being his daughter.  More headcanon child info is here.  (Put together with Zen's help.)