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Eachdraidh Thread Tracking Post: Part 1

Note: Eachdraidh takes place in a fantasy setting heavily influenced by Irish, Welsh, and similar mythologies. The two sides are at war and the mythology itself has dark elements, so please note all warnings in logs/subject lines since there might be some with darker themes or violence. If any thread is locked to the community for content, it will be noted.

Locket Mail/Physical Mailbox:

Diarmuid's Mail

October 2014:


10/02/2014: Lancelot/John-Training.
10/02/2014: Meeting Rin Tohsaka.
10/02/2014: Talking to Kayneth about the shards.
10/14/2014: Grainne-Damaged Library.
10/14/2014: Lancelot-Protecting the castle.
10/16/2014: Cu Chulainn-Raiding.


10/01/2014: Intro Feast Open Thread, Meeting Cu Chulainn.
10/01/2014: Open thread at Lancelot and John's training log.
10/04/2014: Moon Event Log: Speaking with Seras, Meeting of Team Lancer, Meeting Saber Alter, Fighting with Grell, Meeting Luke Castellan, Meeting Korra, Meeting Sir Integra Hellsing, Endgame Thread.
10/05/2014: Kayneth and Grainne Meeting in the worst way..., Backdated to the morning after the feast
10/20/2014: Royal Audience-Solais.
10/22/2014: Samhain Ball: Open thread, Meeting Hiccup & Toothless, Meeting Waver, Talking with Seras, Meeting Merida, Talking to Luke, Talking to Grainne, Talking to Lancelot, Talking to Rin, Talking to Sir Integra Hellsing, Talking to Anthony, and Talking to Korra.--Locked.
10/27/2014: Samhain Ball Overflow: Open Thread, Thread with Korra, Thread with Merida, Meeting Harry Potter, and Thread with Waver.--Locked.

November 2014:


11/02/2014: Meeting Vanyel.
11/15/2014: Merida and her fears. (Uprising Dead Event.)


11/02/2014: Battle for Cothromach Log: Open Thread, Thread with John Grimm, Thread with Lancelot.
11/08/2014: Quest Log: Training the Aelfengard.
11/11/2014: Post Battle of Cothromach Feast: Meeting Sansa Stark and Talking to Flora.
11/16/2014: Fighting demon hounds at Cothromach. (Uprising Dead Event.)
11/21/2014: Saving Grainne from the dogs. (Uprising Dead Event.)

December 2014:


12/20/2014: Those dang fairies...


12/01/2014: Welcoming Feast: Meeting Arcueid.
12/03/2014: NPC Barrel Thread for The Fox Hunt, Open thread after the talk, Team Hunt meeting at the Barrel.
12/06/2014: Hunting the White Hart with Lancelot.
12/14/2014: The Hunt. (The Fox Hunt.)
12/19/2014: Returning to Redgate, Thread with Saber Alter. (The Fox Hunt Aftermath.) Backdated to the 6th/7th.
12/27/2014: Meeting at the Barrel: Talking to Alyosha, Talking to HarryQ&A after the speech, Meeting Rider, and Open Thread.(Dated 1-3).
12/31/2014:  A hawk and a raven. (Dated 1-6).

Thread tracking for January 2015 to June 2015 is here.