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Leathann Training Grounds

Leathann Training Grounds

In January of 2,701, Diarmuid was booned a training ground of his own in Caer Glaem to reward him for his efforts to help the Seelie prepare for the upcoming battle. Because of said battle, Diarmuid was not able to start working on the training ground immediately. However, once the battle was over and he had time to recover from his injury, he spent the next year building up the grounds so that, when May of 2,702 rolled around, the Seelie had a new place to send their people to prepare the best they could for future battles.

Because everyone knows they will come...and, boy, did they.

Now that everyone has been sent back in time, Diarmuid training grounds have been moved to the Floating Island of Leathann. As a member of the Amber Court it only seems right his training grounds are in a neutral place where all can come to use them. However, as a member of the Amber Court, he will be requiring his students agree to certain rules before he allows them to begin their studies. They should also understand that his training will focus on non-lethal methods of fighting and how to defuse or escape battles should it be necessary.

Training Ground Features:
  • Indoor Magic Training Room: This room has been warded with Diarmuid's own blood and with Flora's help to make sure that it is a safe place for new magic trainees to learn and old hands to experiment with new spells.
  • Indoor Shard Training Room: This room is much like the Magic Training Room and has been set up so that people who wish to practice with their shard safely. It should be well known after a short time that Diarmuid is very willing to train others on how to activate their shard and how to use it. It will also become known that he knows how to use abilities from shard level 2 and will train those who he trusts not to abuse the power.
  • Outdoor Corral: Mounted combat is an important part of battle. This corral has been set up so that people can not only learn how to ride horses, but also so they can learn how to fight on horseback.
  • Obstacle Course with Different Terrains: Thanks to Flora's magic, a very...interesting obstacle course makes up a large part of training grounds. It is comprised of many different terrains for people to learn to fight on, along with many 'surprises' for people to deal with. Get knocked on your butt a few too many times? Blame Flora... Okay, no, blame Diarmuid. He will take the blame. (Though her magic made it all possible...)

Diarmuid's training grounds are open for all who are willing to at least consider there are other ways to win that don't involve fighting. Please feel free to use it as the setting of logs or prompts. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me at Diarmuid's journal or contact me via plurk.