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SoulGemmed Thread Tracking Post: Part 1

Note: Soulgemmed takes place in a world based on the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This series is a dark look at the magical girl genre, and while there will be slice of life and lighthearted elements in the game, there will also be a lot of darker elements as well. Please make note of any warnings that are on logs or threads.

Diarmuid's Mailbox

January 2016:


01/20/2016: Meeting Dave Strider
01/29/2016: Kakyoin-Nightmares and Training


01/08/2016: Initial Intro Log: Diarmuid's Open, Meeting AU Kakyoin, Meeting Vergil, Meeting Madoka 'Madoeka' Kaname (AU), Meeting Dirk Strider (AU), Meeting The Plain Doll, Meeting Madoka Kaname, Meeting Lemmy, Meeting Mitsutada, and Meeting Aradia. (Once the Nightmare is defeated, his soul gem is purified.)
01/10/2016: True Arrival Open
01/21/2016: Kongou-Nightmare, Nightmare Part 2 (Soul Gem will be purified upon defeat of the Nightmare)
01/25/2016: School Days, Talking with Kongou, Talking with Madoka & Talking with Saber.
01/28/2016: Vergil-Restaurant

February 2016:


02/23/2016: Kakyoin-Caesar's Acting Strange


02/07/2016: Maria's Home
02/08/2016: Valentine's Day Event Open Post and Maria's Package.
02/14/2016: Valentine's Day Nightmare: Fighting Maria and fighting the boss. (Soul gem cleansed after battle finished.)
02/17/2016: Post V-Day Nightmare Open Thread
02/24/2016: Planning Party Open Thread Mingle and Planning.


02/01/2016: TDM-Meeting Lady Maria (Canon)

March 2016:


03/01/2016: Madoka-New Job
03/05/2016: Enter Hoshiko Ohka (NPC)
03/15/2016: Where's Ohka? // What is Kakyoin up to?
03/16/2016: Meeting Caesar (backdated to 3/11)


03/08/2016: Meeting Pokey
03/18/2016: Boss Battle: Open Evac Thread, Boss fight part 3ish
03/21/2016: Event End Log: 'The Witch' (NPC), Kakyoin, and Lemmy.
03/21/2016: The Doll-Awakening

April 2016:


04/06/2016: Madoka-Meeting
04/10/2016: Sorey and Mikleo-Hunting


04/04/2016: Meeting Alice (Am McGee)
04/04/2016: Meeting Sorey
04/16/2016: Rain Event Open Thread, Vergil Thread, Kakyoin's Scary Story, and Calming Raven.
04/21/2016: Rain Event Boss Log: Rescuing People Open Thread
04/25/2016: Kakyoin's Nightmare-Fighting Puppet Dio, Fighting 'Starlight', and Aftermath.

May 2016:


05/01/2016: Mikleo-Sorey's Missing
05/02/2016: Madoka-Strange Gem 2.0
05/13/2016: Kakyoin-Caesar's Gone


05/11/2016: Dungeon Exploration Open Thread
05/21/2016: Boss Battle: Examining the Boss and When Vines Attack.
05/24/2016: Wandering to Room 4-Open

June 2016:


06/05/2016: Kakyoin-Mirror Memory
06/05/2016: Dungeon Pictures Open Mirror Post
06/27/2016: Kakyoin-Witch Aftermath


06/10/2016: Post-Dungeon Info Share: Open, Power Summary, Leadership Talks, & Introduction.
06/17/2016: Festival/Nightmare: Ryoko, Sieglinde, Alice, Ringo, Pokey, Madoka and Kakyoin.
06/24/2016: Moon Boss- Illusion (Berserker), an Old Hair Pin, Reaching for the Moon, Warning, Waiting?!?, & Names.
06/27/2016: Moon Boss Aftermath - Goodbye & Lemmy.

Thread tracking for July 2016 to December 2016 is here.

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