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Tower Floor Guide

[Included with the text information about each floor is a map of the floor's general layout originally created by Saber of White. (Floors incapable of being mapped because of their nature merely have warnings letting people know they are unmappable.) Her maps also have brief notes about the kinds of monsters she has seen on the floors and when she has seen them there.]

There are currently five dorm levels.

While the number of dorm levels sometimes changes, they are always the top floors of the Tower. Generally, monsters do not roam these levels. However, the administrators have been known to break that rule and, as shown by some of Ruana's games and Jason's experiments, those of us turned into monsters can still enter and exit the dorms at will.

It might be easy to think these floors are safe, but like so many other floors, that safety is often illusionary.

The Elevator Stops on these Floors:

Please note that not all floors the elevator stops on are safe.

Dormitory Floor One
Floor One Hundred One
Floor Eighty-One
Floor Sixty-One
Floor Forty-One
Floor Twenty-One
Floor One

Sixth Block

Floor One Hundred One: No special powers of any kind work on this floor.

The only way to get to the lush hanging gardens that make up this floor is to be teleported by stepping on the glowing stair steps or arrows. The extreme height of this part of the Tower doesn't seem to bother the countless numbers of plants that grow here.

For some reason, it doesn't bother those who visit either.

Fifth Block

Floor One Hundred: Some people find themselves extremely comforted by this floor and others find themselves hating it. No matter how one feels about it, the moment they step from the stairs into this empty seeming room, it stops being empty and starts showing them a place they miss a great deal from their home.

Unfortunately, that place is completely empty of other people and if one tries to touch anything, their hands will go right through the object.

Floor Ninety-Nine: Everything on this floor is made up of intricate and very beautiful crystals. Their detail is amazing and they shine like the brightest gems. Look at them too hard or too closely for any great length of time and one will start developing a headache that will only get worse they longer they study the crystals.

However, if one is able to keep from focusing on anything in specific while on the floor, it is actually a very soothing place to be.

Floor Ninety-Eight: No special powers work on this floor.

Why this floor is full of so many green pipes is anyone's guess. They can be traveled through, but where they come out and what might be waiting at their ends is just as unknown as everything else about the floor.

Floor Ninety-Seven:  No special powers work on this floor. DO NOT enter it unless one is with a group of well-trained and well-armed people!

Any monster that can be found in the Tower can be found wandering this floor, only they are TEN TIMES their normal size. Without powers, taking them on alone is suicide. While some of them might provide a good amount of food, bringing one down will be challenging for even the most well-coordinated and trained group.

And that one monster has many more friends on the floor just as big as he is...

Floor Ninety-Six: This simple, pure white room is deceptively dangerous. While monsters will not come in here, what is already in the room is far more dangerous.

Forgetfulness. The longer one stays in this room, the more they will forget. While it might seem like a good way to escape for a while--so far no one has reported permanent memory loss--considering how dangerous the unknown is in this place, why would one want to risk increasing the number of things they don't know about? Especially since there is no way to control what is and what is not forgotten? One might forget seeing their friend die or one might forget that monsters come out at night instead.

Floor Ninety-Five: This floor contains a multilayered ball pit filled with all sizes and colors of balls. How many layers and how far down the pit itself goes is unknown as is what might be waiting at the bottom.

Floor Ninety-Four: There is a dark room for developing pictures on this floor, including some old-fashioned cameras that can be taken and used wherever one may wish. All the equipment needed for developing pictures is also here.

However, like so many floors, this floor has a hidden danger. When the lights are out, the shadows in the room tend to become humanoid figures that will possess one if looked at directly. To end the possession, the lights in the room need only to be turned on. While possessed, one will attempt to strangle anyone who comes onto the floor.

Floor Ninety-Three: This floor is more of a hallway than a floor, requiring one to step off the staircase at one end and walk through it to get to the staircase on the other side. The hall holds many kinds of building materials, though none of the materials can be taken off the floor.

While on this floor, be sure to be alert as monsters like to wander through and the hall-like nature of the floor makes it much harder to hide or escape here than on other floors.

Floor Ninety-Two: Stepping onto this floor is like stepping into a pyramid. There is a lot to explore, but even though the place is brighter than one would think a pyramid should be, it is advised to use extreme caution while exploring. I have not been to the center of the pyramid, but pyramids are well known for being filled with all kinds of death traps and it is likely this one is no different.

Floor Ninety-One: No special powers work on this floor.

This floor...is really no floor at all. DO NOT leave the staircase. The floor is empty and--more importantly--has no walls, leaving it open to the elements. Considering how high up the Tower is now, leaving the staircase will likely lead to death.

Floor Ninety: While this lagoon seems inviting with its waterfall and beautiful water, DO NOT approach the water. Hidden within its depths are many mermaids who will not hesitate to drag one to their death. If one cannot be drowned for whatever reason, a more sinister fate awaits as the person is turned into a mermaid themselves, complete with the urge to drown others. Being so transformed is very painful.

Those with a strong enough will have been known to beach themselves to keep from hurting others while they slowly wait for death by dehydration...

Floor Eighty-Nine: Surprisingly enough, this floor holds a hotel that is staffed by worker units. Tower residents can rent a room here at any time and sleeping here seems to be as refreshing as sleeping in one's own room.

The cost of staying here is similar to the cost of eating at the restaurant. Every day, the person staying must go and gather some kind of dangerous material from the Tower, and the material requested becomes more dangerous the longer one stays.

It is unknown currently if there is a penalty for non-payment like with the restaurant.

Floor Eighty-Eight: While this floor holds a perpetually smoky bar, there is not often much alcohol here.  When there is alcohol, it is often of poor quality and has been known to make people sick.

There is a large pool table in the bar for anyone who enjoys the game.

Floor Eighty-Seven: This floor is nothing more than a very large field of poppies. Anyone staying on the floor for even a short amount of time will quickly find themselves getting sleepy. I would not advise spending much time here, as falling asleep on a floor where monsters roam is never a good idea...

Floor Eighty-Six: This floor at first seems very similar to the meadow on floor twenty-five with its nice weather, but as safe as the meadow floor is. Hidden in several places on this floor are small rings of mushrooms known to many as fairy rings. Rings such as these were common in the place of my birth and were always places under the control of the Fae or some other spirit. Setting foot into one is putting one's life into their hands and such hands are not often to be trusted. Occasionally, one might be able to negotiate with them, but most likely all the negotiation will accomplish is a slightly less torturous death.

Avoid stepping into the rings at all costs.

Floor Eighty-Five: This floor is full of slides and ladders of all imaginable shapes and sizes. If one if careful, it is probably possible to plan a safe way through the floor, but it is probably just as likely for one to end up in some kind of death trap. Use extreme caution when entering this floor.

Floor Eighty-Four: No special powers work on this floor.

Everything on this floor is strangely made of blocks and, unfortunately none of the plentiful natural resources--from the wood to the jewels--can be taken from the floor. One can build whatever they want here, but the floor always resets itself sometime around dawn erasing everything that had been build the day before.

A dangerous type of monster called a Creeper also frequents this floor.  Creepers--as their names might suggest--are very quiet and give very little warning before they attack. Keeping an eye out for them while on this floor is a must.

Floor Eighty-Three: This floor holds all imaginable types of outfits. I expect one can find just about anything here. However, the outfits are not as they seem. More than one person has told me that if one puts the outfit on, one will find that it is, in fact, a living animal whose organs one will feel moving around until one takes the outfit off.

Floor Eighty-Two: This floor holds a beautiful ballroom that always has a masquerade ball going on inside. If one steps onto the floor, they will be given a mask to wear. While the mask may be taken off, it is better if one does not do this while on the floor. Not only does the mask hide one's identity even from those who have abilities that would normally let them discern identity, it protects the wearer from the more harmful effects of the floor. Anyone who isn't wearing a mask while on the floor will be forced to answer whatever questions they are asked truthfully, even if they don't consciously know the answers.

Also, whether this is an intended effect of the floor or not, it is possible--especially if there are not a lot of other Tower inhabitants on the floor--to get caught up in the dancing and not be allowed to stop by the 'people' on the floor. In that case, one could literally end up dancing to death if not pulled out by another. However, if they are pulled out of the dancing, they will not be chased.

Floor Eighty-One: This lounge seems to be the one of the most popular in the Tower because of how the windows bulge out. It allows one a view both up and down free of obstructions other than the usual clouds and fog if one is brave enough to step out into the bulges. Here it is obvious, perhaps for the first time, how very high up the Tower reaches and there are still a good number of floors above this one.

Fourth Block

Floor Eighty: This floor contains what appears to be a three-ring circus. Unless one is sent to work here, it is best to stay as far back away from the circus as possible. The clowns aren't the normal worker units that usually fill the Tower. They are much stronger, faster, and meaner if one catches their attention for any reason.

The monsters used in the shows aren't exactly friendly either, but they are less likely to actually use one's body as part of the show.

Floor Seventy-Nine: While this floor is completely underwater except for the staircase, there is diving gear near the stairs that can be used for exploring the floor. The creatures here seem not as dangerous as those on other floors, but monsters still wander onto the floor so it is best to remain wary.

Floor Seventy-Eight: There is a mailroom on this floor holding mailboxes for everyone in the Tower. One can send and receive letters and packages from others here. Mail tends to be sorted once a day by worker units, though fellow Tower residents also work here.

Please be aware that anyone can send mail to one's mailbox. This includes the administrators that run this place.

Floor Seventy-Seven: A sauna-like area fills this floor with three sections: one for men, one for women, and one for mixed. There is a small changing room complete with lockers. In fact, everyone has a locker with their name on it. It will only open for the person whose name is on it and seems to be pretty water-tight. As such, it is a good place to store things.

Recently, several worker units were set to watch this floor that were not originally there when the floor appeared in the Tower.

Floor Seventy-Six: Many exotic plants and herbs grow on this greenhouse-like floor. Other things can be grown here, but many poisonous plants grow here as well and their poisons sometimes contaminate those plants growing around them.

Floor Seventy-Five: Oddly enough, a twenty floor tower is what fills this floor making it the tallest single floor in the Tower. All of the floors are empty and dark--perfect places for monsters to hide--though they can be driven out with some light. A spiraling staircase can be climbed so that one can stand on the Tower's roof should they wish to.

Floor Seventy-Four: What seems to be an underwater cavern fills this floor. It's a slippery, glimmering, beautiful place. However, it is easy to get lost here and the darkness means that monsters are always out in full force.

Floor Seventy-Three: This floor is cold and always snow covered. There is little of interest here except the ruins of a large castle. If one decides to go exploring, be sure to dress warmly as the temperatures will quickly begin to affect those without cold resistance.

Floor Seventy-Two: Yet another maze fills this floor. This one is a maze of doors. Once a person walks through a door, it closes and locks behind them leaving them to choose another door before they can move forward. This repeats until the person eventually makes it to the end, though that can take a very long time.

It is important to note that monsters are sometimes found in the maze's rooms.

Floor Seventy-One: Dripping, bleeding flesh decorated with organs covers every inch of this floor including the staircase. Nothing is really recognizable in any way other than it once came from some living creature. Everything is still moving and twitching and it makes one wonder if the parts are somehow still in use by something.

Floor Seventy: This floor is filled with a tangle of extremely dangerous machinery that shifts and dumps deadly substances randomly and without warning. The machinery seems to have no rhyme or reason to how it works making it even more unpredictable and hard to navigate safely.

Floor Sixty-Nine: This floor is blanketed by a thick layer of clouds that is surprisingly safe to walk on. While I have not spent much time here, it seems to be a very calm and soothing place.

Floor Sixty-Eight: The staircase of this floor takes a winding path around a dangerous looking mountain. While leaving the staircase and just climbing over the mountain would be quicker, it also leaves one exposed to all the dangers inherent in mountain climbing.

Floor Sixty-Seven: The two staircases from floor sixty-six and floor sixty-five meet here in a twisting and turning mess that fills the whole floor forcing a person to jump from place to place and navigate through steps that are constantly changing what they are made out of. If this is not distracting enough, if one looks around they will notice that it seems they are high enough now to be considered in space complete with the lack of oxygen and lowered gravity. It is safe as long as one remains near the stairwell. Venturing away from the stairs will probably quickly prove fatal.

Floor Sixty-Six: It should be noted that the conditions on this floor can be rapidly fatal for those not prepared to deal with the extreme climate.

This floor holds a freezing glacier complete with frigid temperatures and chucks of ice that float in water that is barely unfrozen itself. Like floor sixty-five, this floor will not immediately kill someone approaching it, but death will come very quickly once a person enters the floor should they not be able to withstand freezing temperatures.

The staircase on this floor connects to floor sixty-seven.

Floor Sixty-Five: It should be noted that the conditions on this floor can be rapidly fatal for those not prepared to deal with the extreme climate.

This floor holds an active volcano complete with freely flowing lava and melting rocks. While approaching it will not immediately kill someone, actually entering the floor without some kind of protection to the extreme heat will quickly prove fatal.

The staircase on this floor connects to floor sixty-seven.

Floor Sixty-Four: It should be noted that the conditions on this floor can be rapidly fatal for those not prepared to deal with the extreme climate.

This floor is a very large, very dry and very hot desert. There are no supplies here for anyone who is foolish enough to venture into the desert and no paths to follow for those who lose their way.

The staircase on this floor leads to floor sixty-five, which is a scorching hot volcano.

Floor Sixty-Three: Floor sixty-three is completely underwater with the only breathable air being in a pillar around the staircase. It is easy to leave the staircase and swim, but be aware that there are a good number of creatures in the water as well and many are probably unfamiliar.

During the day, the creatures in the water seem pretty docile. I have noticed shift toward more aggressive behavior, though, when I have been there during the night.

The staircase here leads, not to floor sixty-four like might be expected, but instead to floor sixty-six, which is a freezing cold glacier.

Floor Sixty-Two: This floor holds both a beach and a large ocean. However, much like swimming in the ocean, one has to keep an eye out for aquatic animals, whirlpools, and the tide which can come up deceptively quickly.

Special Note:  Deep in the water of this floor--farther down than most people can go--lives the guardian of one of Tower's current residents.  If one is that deep down for any reason, please be aware of her presence and don't fear her.  She won't attack anyone unless attacked first.  In fact, since the Tower resident she guards often visits to bring her food, she may just think one is bringing her food.  She isn't a picky eater as long as the food is fresh, so feel free to bring her something if one will be down there.  Just keep in mind that is it very important NOT TO STARTLE HER.  She has some psychic abilities and may lash out and hurt/kill people unintentionally if she is startled.

This floor is odd that there are two options for leaving it. One is a staircase on the sand father inland that connects to floor sixty-four, which is a large desert or another staircase standing in some shallow water that connects to floor sixty-three, which is completely underwater except for a bubble of air surrounding the staircase itself.

Floor Sixty-One: This beautiful plain is deceptive in more ways than one. While it looks normal at first, one will quickly start feeling like they are being watched and that would be because the mountains have eyes and so do the clouds. Don't let these oddities become too much of a distraction because there are large hidden pits all over the floor.

Many mushrooms grow on this floor.  I have been told that while the mushrooms are edible and actually taste very good, they will make the person who ate them hallucinate a lot for the next day or so.

Third Block

Floor Sixty: This floor is a second kitchen, though unlike the kitchen on the first floor, there is no food here, only high-quality tools including a large walk in refrigerator and freezer. It is important to watch oneself when working in there since things have a way of closing by themselves and locking people in.

Nothing can be unlocked from the inside.

Floor Fifty-Nine: This floor is set up like a torture chamber complete with the many horrific weapons and devices one would expect to find in such a place. Perhaps it is just the atmosphere, but it never seems like one is completely alone here even if no one else is around.

Floor Fifty-Eight: Those not used to death should avoid this floor. While the extremely tall wooden room seems harmless enough, anyone looking up will see the bodies of countless hanged individuals..

Floor Fifty-Seven: Despite being inside, this floor looks like an outdoor field perfect for playing sports. Last I looked, it was set up specifically for a game called soccer, but it would likely be easy to reset the field for another game.

I would recommend all games be finished before nightfall as I have noticed during my night patrols that this floor seems to attract monsters more than others for some unknown reason.

Floor Fifty-Six: This floor looks like an old disused surgical area full of twisting hallways and empty beds. I have yet to find any medical supplies of use on the floor.

The lights often flicker off and on in this place and as a result it's not uncommon to see twisted and frightening shapes that seem to be moving along the floor.

As of yet, not one has actually encountered anything despite all of the sightings.

Floor Fifty-Five: This floor holds an insanely large boiler and incinerator. Both things are so large that the floor is always warm.

Floor Fifty-Four: This floor looks like a shop--a shop that specializes in selling dolls and puppets. They are all well made, seeming almost lifelike at times. Many cultures say dolls can hold energy or even spirits within them and that certainly seems true from the feeling I get whenever I set foot on this floor.

Recently, I have learned that if a doll is taken from this floor, the person taking it will believe that doll is an actual person, and will hear the doll whispering for them to kill anyone who disbelieves. The compulsion to follow the doll's instructions grows until it's impossible to resist.

Destroying the doll removes the compulsion. The person who gave me the information didn't know if dying also removes the compulsion.
Floor Fifty-Three: This floor holds a dusty and always messy school room complete with blackboard, desks and books. I have yet to see anything odd happening here, but the students desks are always over turned and the atmosphere of the room is always heavy as if something is just waiting to happen.

Floor Fifty-Two: No special powers work on this floor.

Entering this floor should be avoided if possible as it is a gambling game with the highest stakes. The floor is made of giant cards whose pattern seems to change daily. They must be traversed in a certain order very quickly and very carefully as all the cards of one suit will vanish each time a button located in one of the corners of the room is pressed. Pressing the buttons in the wrong order could very well trap one with no way back to safe ground.

Floor Fifty-One: While the workshop on floor fifteen is the best place to work on a lot of things, if one wishes to work with cloth, this floor is the best place. It contains all one needs to make clothing or other items from cloth. None of the material available is of great quality, but it is better than nothing.

Be wary of the mannequins. It is said they can move and who knows what they might do if one gives them the opportunity.

Floor Fifty: DO NOT enter this floor unless absolutely necessary.  While this large empty sunlit room seems a promising space to practice fighting or hold gatherings, I recommend NOT using it for anything. Very rarely instead of just being an empty room, when someone enters a ritual lead by two ghosts will start. As I have been told by someone who was an unfortunate victim of this ritual, there is NO way to stop it. The ghosts will respawn if destroyed and even the premature death of the chosen 'victim' will not stop things if another person is in the room. The ghosts will simply chose a new 'victim.'

If one somehow manages to make off the floor without the ritual being completed, it is unknown if the ghosts will give chase.

Floor Forty-Nine: This floor holds yet another maze--one made of countless mirrors. They are everywhere and that makes it very easy to get lost. Breaking them seems possible, but I would not recommend it. Since breaking a mirror causes bad luck in so many cultures, I expect it causes it here too.

And no one wants more bad luck in this place.

Floor Forty-Eight: Plan and simple, this floor is a graveyard complete with simulated open sky. Much like any other graveyard there are statues, broken graves, and mausoleums, but looking closely will reveal that some of the names on the stones are familiar. While no bodies lay in the graves beneath the stones, there is one stone here for every person who has come to the Tower and then been sent away.

Whether it is a kind memorial to the lost or a mocking reminder of how powerless we are is up for debate.

Floor Forty-Seven: If one must pass though this room, do it WITHOUT giving into curiosity and pulling back any of the curtains or sheets no matter what one thinks they see behind them. The things that actually lurk there are some of the strongest monsters one will find in the Tower day or night.

Floor Forty-Six: This is another floor where the staircase is unpredictable and will sometimes dump one onto the floor without warning. It is pitch black and filled with the sounds of people whispering, walking, shouting... One will also often feel things touching or brushing passed them. The longer one stays on the floor, the stronger the feeling of paranoia these things cause becomes. It is best to make one's way back to the staircase as quickly as possible.

When I was there, I noticed a flashlight laying on the floor with the words "DON'T TURN IT ON" glowing nearby. As I trust nothing on these floors, I made my way out of the room without touching it. I would advise the same as there is no telling what might happen if it is turned on or even touched.

Floor Forty-Five: This is another floor whose walls are made of unbreakable glass that should give one a good view...except all that can be seen is clouds and the occasional faceless, dead-looking humanoid crawling on the outside of the glass.

Floor Forty-Four: The walls, ceiling and floor of this odd room are all made of blank steel. I have not spent much time here, but it gives me a strange feeling.

Monsters will not come onto this floor. That does not bode well. While it looks harmless, it might be best to treat this room with extreme caution.

Floor Forty-Three: This floor is the closest thing the Tower has to a jail. The cells in it can only be opened from the outside and anyone within them will find all of their special powers are gone. The force field that makes up most of the cell seems to be unbreakable.

Floor Forty-Two: Navigating this floor made of interlocking iron bars that randomly move on their own takes a lot of skill and balance. It is best not to attempt to cross them. Who knows what is waiting beneath if one falls.

Floor Forty-One: This pitch black room holds not monsters, but bugs. Countless numbers of them. In fact, they seem to make up the walls, ceiling and floor.  It is not advised to leave the staircase on this floor.

Second Block

Floor Forty: This far too dimly lit room is a storage room with many boxes and shelves in it. The only things stored there are things other residents of the Tower have put there, though few use the room because things stored here don't tend to stay where they are put.

Floor Thirty-Nine: A large training area fills this floor complete with track, weights, and workout machines. However, none of the weights are labeled and none of the machines look particularly safe. For this reason, it is a good idea to be cautious whenever using either the machines or the weights.

Floor Thirty-Eight: This floor holds the second of the Tower's lounges. It also has walls of unbreakable glass, like the previous lounge, and is filled with over-sized chairs, sofas, and beanbags.

Floor Thirty-Seven: DO NOT leave the staircase on this floor. It is completely dark, but one can clearly hear whatever...things live on the floor. Leaving the staircase even briefly will see one injured no matter how good a fighter one is. Staying longer invites nothing but death.

Floor Thirty-Six: No special powers work on this floor.

The staircase becomes very dangerous here...broken and falling apart in places. Efforts have been made to repair it, but none have proven successful. The stairs instead return to their state of disrepair the next day. Carefully traversing the staircase will lead one back inside and to a new indoor staircase.

Floor Thirty-Five: No special powers work on this floor.

This floating island holds a lake devoid of life because it has no bottom to it. Where the bottom should be is instead a column of water that goes endlessly downward. The fate of a swimmer caught in that would not likely be good.

Floor Thirty-Four: No special powers work on this floor.

Avoid setting foot onto this island it at all possible! It is narrow and hard to get off should a monster follow one onto it. More importantly, the closer one gets to the edge of the island the greater the urge will be to jump off. The urge is possible to resist for the strong willed, but it is best not to tempt fate.

Floor Thirty-Three: No special powers work on this floor.

A short way up the staircase one will find another floating island. This island holds farmland that many of the Tower's residents use to grow things. A few rusted tools and some seeds can be found in a nearby shed. Be careful on this island and the others. Monsters do roam this area and can make it hard to get back to the staircase--especially without powers.

Floor Thirty-Two: No special powers work on this floor.

This floor on the outside of the Tower is actually a small floating island with what most people would call a normal forest on it. It is an excellent spot for hunting and gathering because it is home to many non-mutated animals as well as many edible plants. However, not everything is safe as poisonous plants grow here as well.

Floor Thirty-One: No special powers work on this floor.

This isn't so much a floor as where the staircase seems to end. A search will eventually lead one to the edge of the floor where the staircase now continues outside of the Tower. Since powers do not work here or for the several floors above, it is extremely important to be careful on the staircase.

Floor Thirty: While most staircases are usually safe, the staircase of this floor is not and often falls out from underneath the person walking on it. Since it is always nighttime in the room below, that means the Tower's monsters will be out and at full strength. Should one fall onto the floor attempt to get back to the staircase as soon as possible as it seems the monsters don't tend to notice people on the staircase. However, with as unpredictable as the staircase is, it is best to get off the floor as quickly as possible.

Floor Twenty-Nine: Stepping of the staircase on this floor will leave one in the middle of another maze. It is a hedge maze that cannot be cut through. If one cannot fly, the only option is to make one's way through the maze the old fashioned way. However, be aware that at night, the plants become much more than the walls of a maze.

They become predators.

Floor Twenty-Eight: This floor holds countless musical instruments from a great many worlds including a very large and very beautiful organ. While the instruments have sometimes been said to play themselves, the room is also sometimes used as a meeting place because the music can be used to hide conversations from other people's ears.

Floor Twenty-Seven: Most of this high-tech floor is beyond my understanding. It seems to be a laboratory with every tool one can imagine and quite a few one might not be able to. I expect those with a bend toward research will be much at home on this floor.

Just try not to create any more monsters for us to have to deal with...

Floor Twenty-Six: This floor is not for the squeamish as it holds a morgue complete with tools and chambers holding bodies--though I have yet to see one I recognize. I hope no one else has either.

Floor Twenty-Five: As unlikely as it might be, this meadow-filled floor is just what is seems like it is--a quiet, safe place where it is always springtime and the flowers are always in bloom. People often gather her to relax, have parties, or just escape everything for a while.

Floor Twenty-Four: This floor is usually empty and safe to cross through, but on rare occasions people have ended up facing a large shadowy monster. I have no idea what will happen if this monster catches a person, but it is best not to tempt fate. If one ends up facing this monster, forget fighting it and instead exit the floor as quickly as possible. Considering the people who run this place, it is entirely possible there is no way to defeat whatever the monster is.

Floor Twenty-Three: There is NO FLOOR TWENTY-THREE. No matter how strong the feeling is that it must be there, it is not. Do not continue to look for it. If one does, one will little by little start to disappear until one vanishes completely.  Continue from floor twenty-two to floor twenty-four without pausing.

Floor Twenty-Two: There is an art gallery on this floor and some people have actually found paintings from their homes in the gallery. Most paintings seem normal, but if one spends too much time there, they might find themselves gazing at a painting of their worst fear instead of a painting of a beautiful meadow.

Floor Twenty-One: A restaurant that serves both different and better quality food than the cafeteria is on this floor, but it does not accept money in payment for its food. Instead, after eating the person will be assigned as task to be completed in 24 hours. The task is always to find some item within the Tower. Some quests are easy. Others are practically impossible.

If the agreed upon item is not returned to the restaurant in 24 hours, another payment will be taken from the person in question. That payment will always be a part of the person's body and can be something as small as a fingernail or as large as one's heart.

Play this game only with the greatest of caution.

First Block

Floor Twenty:  Flight and all similar powers do not work on this floor.

This open floor is mostly made up of a stone ramp.  The ramp has seen better days, but as long as one is careful, the trip should be a safe one.

Floor Nineteen: This library is what the people of the Tower regularly call the research or working library. The books here seem much more focused on scholarly subjects, though some areas of study like technology, psychology, and astral projection all have large gaps in them and the history section is completely missing.

It is obvious there was something here at one point they decided did not want us to have access to.

Floor Eighteen: With what the residents tend to call the research or working library on the floor above, it is not too surprising that this floor is what most call a large study space. While there seems to be some reference material here, there is still nothing about the Tower or the world it is on.

This floor is well known for its odd sounds, weird presences, and randomly dimming lights. There is a reason that most people prefer the libraries themselves to work in.

Floor Seventeen: There's nothing to this floor except walls, a floor, a ceiling, bloody handprints and screaming. Attempts to clean this floor to make it more bearable have failed as the handprints have just returned the next day. It is best to avoid this floor.

Floor Sixteen: DO NOT leave the stairs on this floor. It seems as though the only thing below is a bottomless pit. While powers do seem to work on this floor, I have no idea what trying to fly out over the emptiness may result in.

Floor Fifteen: This floor is perhaps one of the most useful in the Tower. While none of the materials or tools are in the best of shape--and might be downright dangerous if not used carefully--almost anything needed for crafting can be found here from metal to wood to cloth.

Floor Fourteen: While nothing can be taken from this room, it seems like it contains anything related to media that one might want. Music, movies, gaming consoles, televisions...the list is endless. However, nothing here is quite what anyone remembers from home.

There are reports that sometimes the televisions will behave oddly, especially late at night.

Floor Thirteen: This floor holds a large cathedral. While I am no expert on religions, it seems there is nothing very distinctive about the cathedral except, perhaps, for the odd feeling one gets when they hear the mumbling of a service in progress...and there is no one there.

For whatever reason, sound does not carry well in this place. Even hearing someone standing near one can be hard.

Floor Twelve: This floor is covered completely by a very realistic projection of a universe. Never one that is recognizable, it tends to focus on someplace inhabited and then continues to watch as that someplace is drained of all of its life until nothing remains but dark, dead rocks. The cycle then starts over with a new universe. And then another.

There is nothing physically dangerous here. If this floor is mentally dangerous is another thing all together, though some people find this place oddly comforting.

Floor Eleven: No powers of flight or other similar powers work in this room. Most other powers work normally.

Open air... No walls for the first time. It should be a ticket to freedom from the Tower, but all it really is, is a ticket to death. Many have fallen or jumped to their deaths from this place. Purposeful, accidentally, or forced, death has a heavy hand here. For all its beauty, this is a terrible place.

Floor Ten: A beautiful--and somehow wall-less--aquarium fills this floor. It houses fish and other sea animals both smaller and larger than one can imagine. People can enter the water, but just as we can enter the water the animals within can exit it. Caution should be used whenever one is in or near the water to prevent attacks especially if one is injured or bleeding. A great many of the predictors housed within can tell...

Floor Nine: For those familiar with caves, this room may remind them of a cave in many ways. It is dark enough that even those with enhanced sight have trouble seeing. If one steps onto the floor and begins to move through it, one will find oneself forced to crouch more and more until one must crawl on their hands and knees, eventually being forced to drop to their belly if they want to continue forward.

There is...something on this floor. I have heard it giggling and seen it move, but I have never been able to find out anything about it.

Floor Eight: Rumor has it that this ever-changing maze was added because someone once asked the administrators for something more to do. Since it happened before my time here, I have no idea if it is true or not, but I have found that no matter what shape the maze is in, if one keeps their hand on one wall one will find their way out...eventually.

Floor Seven: This floor holds a very large and very deep swimming pool. Caution is advised to anyone who may try to go too deep in the pool. It is unknown what its depths hold.

Swimming suits can be found on the two lockers rooms on the floor.

Floor Six: While it may seem ridiculous, this floor holds a very large, very thick forest. In the forest are animals...mutated ones that are wrong in many ways. It should be noted that getting to close to them will disable any special powers one has. If one does not have non-magical weapons or the ability to fight without special powers, it is best not to stray too far from the staircase since it is easy to lose one's way.

NOTE: Please note that floors 1-5 of the Tower--while in some cases unnerving--have proven to be generally safe for people to be on during most times. (Though, it should also be noted that one should always be on alert when there are worker units of any kind present no matter how safe a floor seems.)

Floor Five: Floor Five is very different from the ones preceding it because of its high-tech nature and staffed security station. Most of those here are worker units, but some of us are given jobs here as well.

There are several viewing stations on this floor. DO NOT look through them unless one is prepared or wishes to see their world in ruins, completely dead from the largest to the smallest. I expect this might be even more painful for those who are extra sensitive to their world's state of being, but since I do not have that kind of connection to my world, I can only guess.

Floor Four: While this floor's walls appear to be made only out of glass, trying to break them or bypass them is a waste of time. Fog and cloud cover keep too much from being seen at any given time, but the view, along with the chairs and sofas provided do make this a nice place to meet with others or relax.

Floor Three: A large library is on this floor, though several sections have been completely removed especially those dealing with the history of this world and any other. The floor also contains several immobile terminals that people can use to access the Network.

Floor Two: While often empty of people when collar checks are not in progress, some of our fellows with gifts in the healing arts do spend time here in the infirmary so they can help others when they need it. There are also medicines and supplies of every imaginable kind here.

Floor One: This floor is just what it seems--a cafeteria and kitchen for our use. Please note that the kitchen is usually only stocked with the things used in the meals prepared for us that month. However, we are free to use those items as we please to make whatever we want with whatever other food can be found or grown in the Tower.