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Tower of Animus Trunk

  • A set of clothes bought for him by Sola-Ui consisting of a white button down shirt, black slacks, black belt, shoes, and socks. The shirt was destroyed when he was attacked by an orc while powerless. He made a green sleeveless long tunic to replace it.
  • A large sketch book and pencil. (Plus another gotten in March via request.) <--Both slightly water-damaged from March's event, but otherwise intact.
  • A bronze torc given to him by Oscar. Given to Cu Chulainn in December.
  • A battered handmade cushion made by his daughter.
  • A small leather pouch containing a handful of quicken berries from The Fairy Tree of Dooros.
  • A shard of yellow metal from Gae Buidhe's handle with several runes inscribed on it. He made several charms for people from small pieces of the larger shard (including Kariya and Suzaku), however what was left of the shard disappeared when Gae Buidhe itself was returned to him in January.

Other Possessions:

Regains/Possessions of Special Note:

  • Regain in September: Aengus' cloak of invisibility which was given to him as a wedding gift. (Stripped of its power? Waiting on mods. Just going to go with yes on this, since I never got an answer.)--Given to Suzaku right before they are sent home.
  • Request granted by Zo in November (Request placed by Cu): His hunting hound, Mac an Chuill. (Would be the ancestor of modern Irish Wolfhounds most likely, so a little bigger and faster?)
  • Waver's reclaim from September: A fire-damaged box of old guitar picks.
  • A tarnished and almost worn smooth Turk pin from Reno. (He wears this on his collar.)
  • Cu Chulainn's wolf/crescent moon necklace. (He wears this too.)
  • Waver's sunglasses (Diarmuid will carry/wear these once his real powers start coming back 'just to be safe' in regards to his curse.)
  • Regain in January: Gae Buidhe with powers as described here. It is not the Noble Phantasm version of the weapon, but the version he would have carried during his first life.--Given to Ken right before they are sent home.
  • A silver ring with Celtic knot-work on it. Waver has a matching one. (The rings were made by Reno.)
  • Ken's battered and patched coat.
  • Suzaku's cloak.
Other Belongings:
  • a small crystal charm with runes carved into it on a chain from Cu Chulainn.
  • some cookies in a bag from Mami
  • some chocolates in a box from Tohko--The box is now used to hold his letters, pictures and other small trinkets so they aren't lost.
  • a small, ornate wooden box holding some loose-leaf tea (Irish Breakfast) and a small bottle of Irish cream liqueur from Lambdadelta
  • Rough, though completely useable (and completely powerless) versions of Moralltach and Beagalltach made by Waver. Both of these were lost in the fight with Sephiroth on Nov 15th, Floor 62. The copy of Moralltach was thrown into the deepest part of the ocean by Sephiroth and the copy of Beagalltach was irreparably broken during the fight.
  • Two copies One copy of a detailed list of the towers floors, their dangers, what monsters seem to frequent them, and any other important information he's found during his patrols. One is a 'clean' copy is written in the tower's common language (Given to Taiki right before they go home), while the other is a much messier copy written in ancient Gaelic and has a lot more of Diarmuid's own thoughts, feelings and theories on it.
  • A roughly folded paper rose made by Cu Chulainn and a roughly folded flower, bird and dog made by Zo.
  • A recipe for cookies and a note that says Keep working hard! from Mami. (Her departure gift.)
  • Replacement versions of the swords Waver made for him. (Still film.)
  • A copy of this note.
  • A pair of very gaudy pants made for him by Cu to sleep in.
  • A shirt made by Xion.
  • A sleeveless green tunic he made to replace the ruined dress shirt.
  • His harp--broken and wrapped in a blanket made by his daughter. (Left by Grainne who got them in her trunk when she arrived.)
  • A blue scarf and leather jacket from Rick.
  • A bottle of apple cider from also from Rick.
  • A charcoal etching/drawing of the faces of his children from Grainne's cup.
  • Grainne's damaged comb.
Birthday Presents:
  • A large seashell from Sola-Ui
  • A pair of roses (one red and one yellow) from Waver (Were carefully dried and pressed by Diarmuid.)
  • A handmade hand puppet of a knight with a spear from Romeo
  • A small bird carved out of ice from chaos (melts slowly, but will melt.)
  • A certificate saying that he and Cu Chulainn are brothers that Cu got as request
  • A tart from Colette, shared with guests at the party.
  • A hand drawn picture from Yotsuba.
  • A basic homemade blade cleaning kit from Hidetoshi.
  • An Elixir from Cecil. Given to Waver.
  • A Hi-Potion from Kain. Given to Reno.
  • A rough carved hurley stick from Cu Chulainn.

Things Diarmuid is taking home with him from Animus:
  • The box Tohko made for him holding all the letters he got in the Tower and various other small trinkets. Anything small listed below is in this box.
  • The crystal charm Cu Chulainn made for him.
  • The roses Waver got him. (Dried.)
  • The knight puppet Romeo made him.
  • The drawings Yotsuba made him.
  • A copy of this note.
  • The battered cushion his daughter made.
  • The box of fire-damaged guitar picks he got from Waver.
  • A copy of the Tower Floor guide he made (and the maps that go with it).  It is the messy copy with all his notes about the Tower on it.
  • The cookie recipe from Mami.
  • The folded paper rose from Cu Chulainn and the folded paper animals from Zo.
  • The certificate from Riki that says he and Cu Chulainn are brothers.
  • The blue scarf from Rick (the coat was too big to bring.)
  • Grainne's comb and the tracings of their children's faces from her cup.
  • The ring he got from Reno. (He's wearing this. Waver has the matching one.)
  • The Turk pin he got from Reno. (He's wearing this.)
  • The wolf necklace from Cu Chulainn. (He's wearing this.)
  • Waver's sunglasses. (He's wearing these.)
  • The copies of Moralltach and Beagalltach that Waver made him. (He's wearing these.)
  • Ken's worn and patched coat.
  • Suzaku's cloak.
  • Mac an Chuill