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Eachdraidh Character NPCs

Occupation: Homesteader/Farmer/Protector
Court: Seelie (Native)
Lén is the elder of the two brothers. His wife sadly died during the birth of their first child and the child died as well, leaving Lén heartbroken. He never remarried, instead choosing to focus himself on running the homestead and helping his brother raise his twins.

Occupation: Homesteader/Farmer/Father
Court: Seelie (Native)
Seonaidh is the younger of the two brothers. A dreamer and worrier, he is often seen as the gentler of the two brothers. He helps with running the homestead and farming when he's not too busy keeping his twins out of trouble...

Occupation: Child
Court: Seelie (Native)
Nichol is the older of Seonaidh's twins. Bold and brave, he might have drown had Diarmuid not saved him after the bespelled water he came into contact with put him to sleep. He seems to have an interest in healing and music. May become a bard someday.

Occupation: Child
Court: Seelie (Native)
Nessa is the younger of Seonaidh's twins. Though she is a little more shy than her outgoing brother, she is still very brave and curious. She has a strong interest in taking over the land her father and uncle own once they can no longer work it.

'Old' Maggie
Occupation: Unknown
Court: Seelie (Shardbearer)
'Old' Maggie is a almost a complete mystery. She was able to keep a group of shardbearers from troubling the natives with them on the way to the Hidden Falls several times often just by giving them a look. Though she claims just to be a shardbearer who has seen far too much fighting in the time she has been in the Drabwuld, it seems like she is actually much more than she claims to be.

Aideen, Ana, & Sadhbh
Occupation: Groupies
Court: Seelie (Fairies)
Aideen, Ana, and Sadhbh are three mischievous fairies that took a liking to Diarmuid almost immediately after he arrived because of his beauty. They seem to have made it their goal to share as much of his beauty with the rest of the world as possible by any means necessary. This includes picking the most revealing costumes they can for him to wear at balls and using his locket to record him while he is sleeping or in other various stages of undress. Even the fact that Oscar, Diarmuid's bandersnatch cub likes to try and 'eat' fairies doesn't slow them down...much anyway.

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