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Ruby City Information Post

Character Name: Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)
Character Series: Fate/Zero
Cannon Point: The end of Episode 5, "Howl of the Mad Beast" As if the end of Oct 2015, he has now canon updated to the end of Episode16, "The End of Honor." Canon update information is here. CW for mentions of blood and forced suicide.

Headcanon Birthday: April 27th

Residence: At his training school, Spiral.
House 98: Formally Vergil and Dante's home, the house passed to Diarmuid when the twins left the city. He has a room there he treats as a bolt hole when he needs to get away from everything. He will be splitting his time between the school and the house. He has also inherited Vergil's cat, Nero.
Entry: lancer (diarmuid ua duibhne)
Comments: c: lancer (diarmuid ua duibhne)

  • Gae Dearg
  • Gae Buidhe Destroyed during his canon update.
  • His armor
  • A bronze pocket watch (his communicator)
  • A female duckling named Caer (won at the summer festival)
  • A male duckling name Sir Auron and a female kitten named Lulu (adopted them after Yuna left).
  • A pair of well-made, strong swords about the sizes of Moralltach & Beagalltach.
  • This pair of glasses. (A gift from NPC Lexington.)
  • A festival doll of himself dressed as the hare.
  • A black rabbit's foot.
  • A black rabbit outfit with this mask and this vest outfit.
  • A vial of liquid that will allow the drinker to permanently gain an ability from the tale. Understanding/talking to animals. He will drink it on May 1st.
  • Diarmuid doll dressed as a jouster (well worn, gotten from Ib when she left)
  • From the Pokemon Event: Pokemon Trainer Card. Set of Sinnoh Badges. Small plushie of Latias.
  • From the Age Event: Regulus transformed a desk into a pig for Bitty. Since Regulus wasn't the best at transmogrifying things at that age, the pig is like a regular pig, except his skin looks and feels like the wood from the desk. In a burst of creativity, Bitty named him Woody.
  • Celty's head still protected within the leather bag Mr Gold first put it in. Attached to the bag will be a letter explaining how he came by it and what it is and asking Dia to watch over it and return it to its proper owner should she ever return to the city.
  • Christmas gifts: Giorno-a heavy emerald green sweater with a deep v-neck (because tiddy windows are beautiful) and a matching hat. Also a note that says "Even if he didn't, I trust you." Jonathan-A book of motivational quotes, a copy of Vanity Fair by William Thackeray, and some equipment for the training school, mostly thick wood boards to make makeshift dummies and weapons out of. His card is tucked into the front cover of Vanity Fair, illustrated with some lovely birds. A Joyous Christmas - Jonathan Joestar. Mr. Gold-a winter coat with a green and brown scarf that puts one in mind of spring growth. Finnian (Secret Santa) -A worn copy of the tales of the Fenian Cycle. It's not in the best shape, but it is how Finny learned to read. Regulus-several bottles of healing and sleeping potions from the few batches Regulus has been able to make with the ingredients available in Ruby City, and a note saying “thank you for your friendship and protection when I needed it most.” Vergil-A custom Japanese calligraphy set, as well as an English calligraphy set, since they're really different. There will also be a sheet of corresponding paper in each set that's been enchanted to erase itself with a tap, so he can practice all he'd like without worrying about wasting paper. Maybe each set has the symbol for the Order of the Sword burned into the top of the box, since it's a symbol that's come to mean a lot to Vergil ever since he started looking more toward Sparda's memory for guidance. He's also definitely giving Diarmuid a scroll that he wrote out himself in traditional Japanese calligraphy that says this ( http://i.imgur.com/RyEcdkM.png ). It's written vertically, but there could also be a horizontal translation at the bottom. I think that proverb really helped him when he needed it, so he'd want to pass it along to his friend. Lisa Lisa-A pair of training wristbands with a small note attached: "Overexertion can lead to complications. I hope these will be of use to you." Ishimaru-A leather-bound diary, a set of carving knives, and a neckerchief for Shizuo.

    Dear Diarmuid-sensei -

    I know this past year has been difficult for you especially. I...want to remind you that I meant every word I said when we met again that evening. You and the inhabitants of Spiral are like family to me, truly. That isn't something I say lightly, in any situation. When I was unsure how to move forward, you listened to everything I had to say, even when I was afraid it would be pointless. Even the most difficult storms can be weathered with others by your side. I hope yours passes as soon as it can. Whenever it does, I'll still be standing by your side.

    - Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Regains via the Emporium:

Important Notes:
  • His love curse is still active in the city. Its powers have been reduced, but not completely nullified. A permissions post for the Love Spot and some of his other abilities is here.
  • Pokemon captured during the Pokemon Event: Latias-Island (Befriended), Moltres-Hot Springs (Befriended), & Arceus-Watch Towers (Befriended).
  • Found in an old tree not far from the river during the Far Flung Corners Event:  A hand-carved music box hidden in the hollow of a tree. It plays an unfamiliar sound. The initials 'L.B.' are written on the lid in shaky handwriting.
  • Approx 7/27/2016 Diarmuid got a blue fire lizard hatchling he named Dtonnta.  Maglor has the lizard's twin.
  • Dec 2016 tamed a thestral named Muirne.  Her brother, Tambo, is with Maglor.

Death Log:

Death One: